Certified Organic by NH Dept. of Agr., Mkts. & Food, Organic Dog Treats

Welcome to The Organic Hound Co.

The Organic Hound Co. is located just outside of Keene, NH. All of our dog treats are baked in our USDA certified organic bakery. Our dog treats come in three irresistible flavors - Organic Pumpkin Ginger, Organic Peanut Butter Flax, and Organic Beef Heart. Our healthy dog treats come in eco-friendly packaging made from 100% recyclable and compostable materials. Made in New Hampshire, good for your dog and the environment!

The Organic Hound dog treats are made without any preservatives, and artificial flavors. Our treats contain NO wheat, corn or soy! All of our dog treats are made with ingredients that are sourced from local New England certified organic farmers.



  1. Dog Foods are only as good as their ingredients AND production standards

    In light of all the recent dog food recall alerts released by Diamond Pet Foods, dog owners must be wondering how a company that touts their use of premium ingredients and the highest quality standards ended up in this position. While assessing the Diamond recall situation, it is important for us to take a step back and look at the whole picture of pet food manufacturing.

    Back when the natural and organic pet food paradigm shift occurred in 2007/2008 in the pet industry, the focus - from consumers and manufacturers alike - was 100% on the quality of the ingredients used. But that is only half of the equation when it comes the commercial pet food industry. The other part of the...


  2. Tastes like Chicken...exploring the world of "human grade" label claims

    Since pet industry professionals have all but exhausted the natural vs. organic vs. conventional discussion, it is time to mercilessly deconstruct another buzzword in the growing pet food segment: Human grade. What does it really mean for a pet food to be human grade? Is it really okay for humans to eat pet food!? These questions apparently were too tempting for one news reporter to ignore. BloombergBusinessweek contributor, Teddy Wayne decided to investigate gourmet pet foods with human grade label claims by tasting them, of course. I heard about this story via PetfoodIndustry.com, which always provides great (pet) food for thought.

    Let's get one thing clear. Like many...