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Ingredient Breakdown: The benefit of coconut flour in organic dog treats

As the commercial pet food industry continues to humanize food and treats for dogs, it is important for dog owners to really understand what's necessary and what isn't when it comes to their dog's diet. While dog food products now contain many ingredients found in common human foods, dogs and humans don't always share the same nutritional needs. For this reason, we spent a lot of time researching each and every ingredient we decided to use in our organic dog treats. For us, it came down to one idea: balance.

Flour is the foundation of all dog treats, and if you have ever really looked, there are a lot of different flours for dog treat makers to choose from! Since flour comprises so much of the treat, it is important that this key dog treat ingredient is derived from wholesome sources. We chose oat and brown rice flours as the basis for our pumpkin ginger and peanut butter treats because of the superior health benefits associated with each. We could have easily stopped there, but because our intention was always to create a dog treat with exceptional nutritional qualities, we decided to add even more good stuff in the form of coconut flour.

What makes coconut flour so good for dogs? The best thing about coconut flour is all the dietary fiber it has to offer. The right amount of fiber in your dog's diet will contribute to optimal gastrointestinal health. Let's put it this way - fiber will keep your dog's system moving! Just make sure you don't over do it when it comes to dietary fiber in your dog's diet. While the positive benefits of fiber have been recognized by medical professionals in the pet industry, fiber is currently not considered an essential part of a dog's diet.

Another reason we love coconut flour so much is because it is 100% gluten free. This means that it is an exceptional food for dogs who struggle with a wheat allergy. As you know, a dog's system was not designed to process grains, which explains the recent emphasis on grain and gluten free diets. Introducing grains to commercial pet foods resulted in the discovery of gluten intolerance and grain sensitivity in dogs. In fact, grain allergies are one the leading causes of vet visits!

Finally, dogs seem to LOVE the taste of this mildly sweet flour. Aside from all the nutritional benefits of coconut flour, it adds a distinct, irresistible flavor to our pumpkin ginger and peanut butter flax dog treats.